L plates must meet regulation size to remain legal for road use as detailed below. Trimming L plates is an offence and is typically undertaken by learner motorcycle and moped riders. Other rules state that L plates must be kept clean, to not be defaced or excessively damaged and placed in a highly visible location. L Plates, but Not a Learner



When riding a moped on a Class 1  It also means you don't have to display L-plates on your moped and you can take passengers. This is not true of any bike bigger than a moped, however. As a  11 Dec 2014 If you ride a 50cc or a 125cc motorcycle in the UK on a CBT (compulsory basic training) you need L plates. I have lost count of how many rear L  10 Feb 2020 If you passed your driving test before 1 February 2001 you can legally ride a moped (up to 50cc) with no L plates, without taking a CBT course  16 Jun 2016 You can: ride a moped up to 50cc with L plates for two years (when you must retake CBT or take a practical test). If you are: 17 or over and have  Where to Put L Plates on a Motorcycle / Moped · The Highway Code states that L plates must clearly be visible from in front of the vehicle and from behind. · L plates  12 Jul 2013 As a rule of thumb, if you've got the right licence to let you ride without an L-plate – whether that's on a moped or a full category-A superbike  Compulsory Basic Training (CBT).

Moped l plates

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English actor Ian McKellen on a moped with L-plates in London, UK, 25th January 1970. Sir Ian McKellen attends the 65th Evening Standard Theatre Awards at  Clutch kit 2 slats clutch. €30.87. Contains clutch slats, steel plates and tension bolt with ball nut. Read the instructions in the pdf below BEFORE assembly. Failure as a driver to wear a helmet (motorcycle, moped, EU moped), 1,500 kr Running a red light in a motorised vehicle (not class II moped), 3,000 kr.

Another intriguing thing is that *all* the delivery scooters have L plates. It's possible that some drivers are qualified, though still sporting the 

£4.29. Free postage. 998 sold. 2009-04-28 2008-06-24 This clip is difficult to see but the approaching moped, has L plates, with a Pillion on the back, with a hoodie and no helmet.

Moped l plates

12 Aug 2012 Sorry if this sounds abit stupid but how can you attach a L plate under rear number plate as I have no idea how to put mine on. Lol.

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The bodywork on mopeds varies, so if there’s a surface large enough to hold an L plate and it’s reasonably flat and upright, you can simply stick a plate to the front or attach one using a base plate kit.
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If you wish to ride anything above 50cc, though, you would need to get a full moped license for that.

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44/2014. Vehicle construction MC/Moped Illumination of Rear Registration Plates. X. 5R Position, stop, direction indicator lamps for L-cat. X.

95 Se hela listan på mopedarmy.com L plate dimensions. By law, it must be a red letter on a white background with the following size: Where can I buy L plates?